Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April!

I'm not usually a fan of April 1st. Most of the jokes and tricks aren't all that amusing to me, and some just seem cruel. But I gotta say, I always love WarcraftPet's take on the day! This year might be my absolute favorite out of the many years of silliness. XD Waka waka! I almost want an 8-bit pet just for the laughs.

A close tie for favorite April Fool's Day gag from WarcraftPets would have to be the Companion Cube. It's so well done that it makes me so sad that I'll never own one lol. The cake is a lie, and this time it's true! :P

Bravo Breanni, bravo. WarcraftPets is a never-ending source of information, community and fun. :D

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