Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beasts of Fable Daily Changes In 5.3?

Wain from WarcraftPets pointed out that the Beasts of Fable quest might be broken up into 3 parts in 5.3. There are already three separate daily quests listed in the PTR database, each daily awarding a bag upon completion.

So the big question now is will the dailies be on a rotation, and only one will be offered each day (at random)?

Or will all three be offered each day, and you may only pick one to complete?

Or (and this is my personal favorite), will all three be offered each day and you can complete none or one or all?

I say the last one is my favorite because it would mean an extra two BoF daily bags each day. We would be able to complete all three (if we wanted to, it wouldn't be mandatory), and receive more bags as the result of our effort. :)

Whatever the case may be, hopefully these changes (if implemented) go off without a hitch. The Tamers and dailies have already proven to be troublesome and buggy, but maybe these altered BoF dailies will be the exception!

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