Friday, March 1, 2013

Pierre Not In Patch 5.2

It looks as though cooks and collectors will need to wait a bit longer before having their own personal stove following them around. After noticing that Pierre was missing from the Pet Journal in the latest PTR build, Perculia (of Wowhead) inquired on its status.
"He got bumped out of 5.2 sadly." - Mumper
It's a little disappointing, however my hope is that they will refine how this pet is obtained and work on making the mats a little less daunting. Currently it's quite expensive to obtain Pierre, as well as near impossible for a non-level capped engineer (with at least 500 engineering skill). It's BoP and uncageable; making it difficult for collectors to acquire this pet without a toon that meets the requirements.

So with Pierre being pushed back for perhaps a future patch, maybe developers will decide to make it less of a special-snowflake pet while not too common. There's always room for a little change and balancing. :)

We'll see how things work out. I was looking forward to collecting the little stovetop, but I'm also looking forward to any updates and possible adjustments to how it's obtained. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a bit relieved that I won't have to make the grind to 500 engineering on my main toon (just for the pet) in 5.2. :P There's already so much else that I'll want to do!


  1. Well, i was 5 seconds to drop one of my mains proffessions and take eng..

    1. @Anonymous: With this news of Pierre being yanked from 5.2 release, I'm glad I didn't drop one of my professions and pick up engineering early!


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