Sunday, March 24, 2013

Possible Burning Crusade Raid Pets In 5.3

The a preview of the 5.3 PTR patch notes are already up and there are some interesting changes going on there. You won't find them in the Pet Battle section, though.

Under the "Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios" note that there are changes to two Burning Crusade raids, SSC and TK. Someone took that information and asked Mumper about it on Twitter. Although the response wasn't exactly specific, it does hint at something awesome coming in 5.3: Burning Crusade raid.. pets?!

It hasn't been officially confirmed yet, and Mumper may just be teasing us right now, but it's a possibility. Changes/"nerfs" to older content does indicate that something is going on or will be happening in those specific zones. The vanilla raids were also adjusted to accommodate smaller groups (if not solo clears), and they ultimately yielded pets from a few bosses each. With that in mind, it's exciting news to also hear SSC and TK are also being re-worked slightly!

I'm actually a bit surprised that they are considering releasing another set of "raid pets" this early. I suppose the vanilla ones were a hit, and it's a good way to get everyone interested in older content again, I guess. Without having to re-do the entire instance, that is. :P

We'll have to wait and see what these changes mean, and if we really will get another bundle of pets from older raid content. Hopefully more information will be coming out soon.

I can't even begin to think of what type of pet I'd like to see from SSC and TK, though. The most obvious ones would be a water elemental (already have), a sporebat (already have), waterstrider (already have), a "firebird" (already have), and a loot void reaver model pet (already have). I guess the only thing I can think of would be a baby Lurker Below type of pet from SSC. Wouldn't really be "below" if it came in a bubble and followed us around, though. XD


  1. Maybe a nagaling or a murloc pet for SSC? I agree for TK the pets have all been done but perhaps they could do some new skins ... a phoenix that changes colour or something.

    I wonder if they'd add pets to Black Temple too? A mini Supremus would be cool, or the rockface boss (Reliquary of Souls), or Mother Shahraz.

    1. @Galaedria: A mini Reliquary of Souls would be pretty neat. It could periodically spin and switch faces. :D

  2. There was a Shared Topic at @BlogAzeroth that tackled this very topic. Here was my take on it


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