Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Qiraji Guardling Spawns In "Real" Summer

If you thought that there were only two season in WoW, the Snowy Owl and Qiraji Guardling will prove you wrong!

Mumper confirmed that the guardling has a "few months to go" before it starts showing up on servers.
"The Qiraji Guardling will be available in the summertime. Still a few months to go."
So although the Summer Bass may be spawning, the guardling actually requires "real" summer. This may mean the earliest we'll see it is in May or June.

The theory that the Snowy Owl spawns on November 1st was a bug and they should have appeared as soon as the Winter Squid started showing up doesn't seem to hold true now that we have this new piece of information. Although the squid can be fished up starting September 23, this is actually only the beginning of fall in the "real world".

If these two wild pets follow the "real world" seasons, then the guardling should begin spawning in June (summer solstice). However, it's arguable since the Snowy Owl spawned about one month ahead of the winter solstice, which starts in December. That being said, if the owl spawn date is correct and not a bug or a mistake, then we can apply that to the guardling as well and determine that it will show up one month prior to the "real world" start of summer, ie: May. It should continue to spawn for about four months.

- Snowy Owl: between November 1st through March 1st

- Qiraji Guardling: between May 1st through September 1st (this still needs to be confirmed, and is only a guess)
We'll need to wait and see about the guardling, and another confirmation for the owls wouldn't hurt either.

I don't know about anyone else, but even though there's still some time before the guardling shows up, I'm keeping my alt parked in Silithus. "Just in case"? Wishful thinking. :P


  1. I have an alt parked at the Scarab Wall too, "just in case." Except it's 6 May, I've been there for most of a week, and no guardlings yet. I guess the Summer Solstice might be right after all. That's 21 June, so we have a LONG wait if that's the fact.

    1. @Anonymous: Yup, we're just playing the waiting game for now. At least we have a rough idea of when to expect them to start spawning. :)


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