Monday, March 4, 2013

Patch 5.2 Comes Out Tomorrow

Patch 5.2's release was officially announced today! In addition, the raid release schedule was also announced.

In light of this gated release, those that do not raid normal 10 or 25 mans will need to wait one week after 5.2 is released, for a chance at the new Throne of Thunder raid pets (LFR). Remember to collect those lesser charms so you'll have extra rolls for not only gear, but pets as well! Don't forget it's slightly easier now, too, since the charms have a chance to drop from successful battles. :D

I honestly have no idea which pet I'm going to attempt to collect first. I'm on a PVP server so both new zones will be jam-packed with both horde and alliance with a lot of ganking in between, I'm sure. But we'll see. Maybe I'll just endure the walk back to my body repeatedly lol.

So a recap of all the pet stuff to do in 5.2 (because if I don't have a list, I'm going to feel very lost lol):
- New Pet Battle dailies; "Elite Battle Pets"
- rewards 1 pet and a chance to collect 3 others
- 4 new wild pets and 1 new pet to collect from the Isle of Thunder
- 4 new pets to fish up
- 5 new pets to collect from the Isle of Giants
- 3 new pets to collect from the Throne of Thunder (raid)
- 1 new pet to collect from Townlong Steppes
- 1 new TCG loot card pet
That comes to a total of 23 new pets to collect in 5.2! I'm excited yet anxious at the same time. There's just so much to do and all the new shinies to collect. :P


  1. Any new pet related achievements in 5.2? I couldnt find info on that.

    1. @Anonymous: No new pet achievements that I've found for 5.2.


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