Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's About TIME *wink*

This has been a long time coming. Everyone, I think our dragon aspect collection may finally be complete in WoD.

*insert inaudible squeeing here* FINALLY! A bronze whelpling to collect! In addition to this teaser screenshot, LeCraft provided another bit of trivia concerning the last little dragon.

I'm curious about the reason why this pet was put on hold for such a long time, but a large part of me thinks that it doesn't really matter that much. It's better to focus on the fact that we'll FINALLY have a bronze whelpling to round out the rest of the dragon aspect family.

"Hell, it's about time" is 100% right. Even whelplings that don't necessarily fit into the dragon aspect group made it into the game as collectible pets before the bronze. That's nuts.
Azure Whelpling
Crimson Whelpling
Dark Whelpling
Emerald Whelpling
Infinite Whelpling
Nexus Whelpling
Onyxian Whelpling
Scourged Whelpling
So come WoD, this list will be extended by one (at the very least). It's hard to say if the bronze will be the last whelpling ever added; they could easily make room for more at some point. In any case, the bronze whelpling is long overdue and I'm really ecstatic to hear that they finally found the place and time for it in-game. ;)


  1. Chromatic? gimme gimme

    1. @Anonymous: Ooo good point! I definitely wouldn't mind collecting a pink whelpling ;)


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