Thursday, August 21, 2014

WoD Beta: What's a Spacegoat and Gromloc?

A new beta patch was released today, and there weren't as many updates/new pets as the previous patch, but still some significant additions!

With today's patch, there are now over 100 possible pets coming in WoD's release! Wheeee! I'm excited yet nervous at the same time. :P

New and Changed Pets
Eight new pets were implemented, most of which are currently flagged as wild in the journal. This might just be placeholder text, though. Beta is beta so changes are expected.

Bone Serpent - wild (draenor), unique

Glowing Sporebat - wild (draenor)

Kaliri Hatchling - wild (draenor)

Rubyfeather - wild (draenor)

Servant of Demidos - drop: Demidos, zone: Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor

Shadow Sporebat - wild (draenor)

There were two other new pets, Flat-Tooth Calf and Mudback Calf, both wild and from Nagrand, Draenor. Their image previews weren't showing up in my Pet Journal for some reason, though. If you recall the baby hippo pet, that's what I imagine they'll look like, just different colors. So glad we'll be able to collect all the different hippos. :)

Again, even though many of the new pets are labeled as wild, that might be temporary. Two pet items, Kaliri Hatchling and Veilwatcher Hatchling, were added in this patch. If you visit their pages and click through them, you'll find that both teach the two new Kaliri birds pictured above. So we might see an update to these two pets in the future, possibly changed to a drop or quest reward, etc.

The same goes for the Bone Serpent; its source could change. It's currently flagged as "unique" in the pet journal, which could mean one of two things: either its journal entry is still a work in progress, or it will be our first unique wild pet. If it's the latter, that would mean we would only be able to capture one wild Bone Serpent. This seems unlikely to me, but anything is possible.

Maybe this pet will be the new Unborn Val'kyr (special spawning, unique look, especially strong moveset, etc.) and it will be in high demand. That might have led to some brainstorming on how to reduce the competition for the pet so more people can obtain one, rather than a few obtaining more than one.

But it doesn't seem very likely to me that they'd put a restriction on a wild pet like that. So for now, I'm going to lean towards considering this pet journal entry as incomplete with placeholder text. We'll see if there are any changes to the Bone Serpent in the near future.

A handful of pets were updated in the pet journal. I won't list them all here, but you can view any changes here.

I'm always amused/slightly annoyed when previously implemented pets get a rename. At first glance they appear new, but going through my previous blog posts reveal that they're the same just with a different name than before. It's a tedious task to stay on top of all the pets, but it's a labor of love. :)

Achievement Stuff
Hogs has been confirmed as a reward for one of the 10th anniversary event achievements, Victory in Hillsbrad. Looks like I'm going to need to brush up on my PVP skills (or lack thereof)? lol. Can't say I'm thrilled but...I guess it's a special event so I'll bite my tongue and do it? *shrug* I did it before for the Spirit of Competition, hopefully I can do it again for Hogs heh.

Another pet that's been confirmed as an achievement reward is the Deathwatch Hatchling (previously named Black Ravager Hatchling and Shadeback Hatchling). If you complete all the Draenor Challenge Modes with a gold rating while in a guild group, you'll unlock this pet for your guild. Similar to the Thundering Serpent Hatchling, it will be sold by the guild vendor, costs 300 gold, and will probably require Revered with your guild.

"Maybe" Stuff
A new creature model was datamined. It's appropriately called, "spacegoatLiterallyASpacegoat.jpg" lol. As seen in the image, it looks like a baby goat. Currently there's nothing else tied with this pet, so let's do some speculating!

My guess is that it will be a baby talbuk...and HOPEFULLY a pet that we can collect. It's absolutely adorable and I must have it, damnit. :P

However, with a name like "spacegoat", imaginations will run wild. Is this a mutant child of a Draenei? Or perhaps the lovechild of a Draenei x talbuk encounter? Err...something something furries?? Ok, I'm going to stop there; getting into some NC-17 rated territory. XD

Another neat find in today's patch is an icon that's labeled, "grommloc". It's basically an image of a cross between a baby murloc, and if the name is any kind of giveaway, Grom Hellscream. Angry orc murloc, anyone? With the release of WoD being so close to Blizzcon, one can only assume that the expansion will be a big feature so a Grom-murloc would fit pretty well. We'll see though.

At the moment the icon isn't tied with anything, neither pet nor item. Hopefully in a future beta build we'll see just what a "gromloc" is. If it does turn out to be the Blizzcon pet, maybe they'll finally open up sales for the Virtual Ticket. Maybe? Please? I'm still (patiently) waiting! :D

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