Thursday, August 7, 2014

What a Hot Dog!

There was a huge announcement yesterday, WoW will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in November and everyone who logs in during that time will receive a Molten Corgi! *squee*

This is truly exciting news, as I genuinely thought the corgi would be from the Blizzard pet store. Puppies for everyone!

Now that this cat's dog's out of the bag, I have to wonder...what of Hogs? He was datamined and labeled as WoW's 10th anniversary reward, but it looks like the corgi will be taking his place. Will we ever get to collect Hogs? Or was he merely a placeholder and decoy pet while developers worked on the Molten Corgi?

It's hard to say and we probably won't get any straight answers either way from Blizzard. I can only hope that Hogs will be available some day in the future!

New Patch, More Pets
Following the announcement of WoW's anniversary pet, a new beta patch was released. There weren't a lot of new pets included but the two discovered are a doozy!

Frostwolf Pup - Vendor (TBD), Frostwolf Faction

Pygmy Cow - Pet Battle: Garrisons, Level 3 Barn

Finally, a cow for a pet! Even though I was hoping more for an adorable calf, I can't complain about our FIRST true bovine companion. I'll probably name mine Bessy. :P

It looks like I'll be making the Barn one of the priority buildings in my garrison. Upgrading it to level 3 will require the completed achievement Trapper's Delight. I guess I'll be spending quite some time in Nagrand catching clefthoof just so I can collect a cow lol.

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