Monday, August 18, 2014

Look-a-Like Challenge Beta: Quintessence of Light

Quintessence of Light finally made an appearance at my garrison menagerie on the beta, so for a unique Look-a-Like Challenge, I decided to take on a battle pet NPC this time around.

I won't go into the battle itself (you can read about it in this post, as well as all recounts of other menagerie challenges), but I will share my silliness. I just couldn't resist having some fun. :P

Quintessence of Light and Quintessence IN light lol XD

Quintessence vs. Quintessence!

Note: I didn't actually use my Phoenix Hatchling in this battle; it was just for funsies. If I had Firewing, the look-a-like would have been even better. That will have to wait until later in the beta or once WoD is released though, since Firewing is still unavailable as far as I know.

I was really hoping I could mount up on the Pureblood Fire Hawk with the fire-draenei costume on. It would have matched perfectly, but alas. You can't mount up while transformed. :( Sadness. Oh well. The look-a-like still came out pretty good. ;)

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