Saturday, February 11, 2012

Withers On a Thirst Strike

Thanks to Neuropathy from, it was brought to light that Withers is currently bugged. He will shrink down as normal but when brought to a nearby water source, he's unresponsive and refuses to drink to regrow to his original size. Even when fully submerged, he remains small.

After searching the WoW bug forums, it looks as though this bug started back in December of 2011. I'm slightly surprised that it hasn't been addressed already, although I guess developers must have their hands full with MoP and other more pressing matters.

Still, I hope Withers will get better soon and come off his thirst strike and start drinking water again.

Poor little guy. One can only wonder what made him start refusing water in the first place. :( (Perhaps he's unhappy with the holiday loot bag system too. :P)

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