Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good News, Bad News - But Mostly Bad News

Good news! I bought the Darkmoon Turtle so now Speedy officially has a friend. :) The rest of the DMF will consist of doing dailies and gathering more artifacts for next month. If all goes as planned, next month I should be able to purchase the last two pets! *crosses fingers*

Also, it doesn't seem as though there is a new Vday holiday loot bag companion, so pet collectors (who feel the same as I do) can breathe a sigh of relief (for now).

Alright. The bad news. And I apologize in advance for my sarcastic, knee-jerk-emotionally-driven ranting. You've been warned.

I decided to do the Vday holiday boss just on a whim even though I don't really need anything from the loot bag. Just my luck, the Toxic Wasteling dropped. I already have it. FML. Bind on Pick Up. *insert nonsensical frustrated noises here*

Firstly, where was this good RNG during the Xmas event when I was hoping ("trying" doesn't really describe that whole situation *rolls eyes*) for Lumpy?! Secondly, why can't this pet be BoE or BoA so I could trade/give or even sell it to a better home than me?

Why does Blizzard think this is ok? Duplicates that are useless to those that already have the companion. Duplicates for people who would be completely willing to give it to someone deserving? Share the love right? Wrong. Instead, you just get to sit on it with the hopes that on an off chance Blizzard will make it BoE/BoA. Or destroy it, which is just as painful because you KNOW someone else is desperately hoping to add it to their collection too.

Blizzard has shown their ability to change pets from Bind on Pick Up to Bind on Use, so why can't they add these holiday loot bag pets to the list? Because they want to keep it rare? Well the droprate, limited amount of time to attempt for it, limited number of attempts, AND the RNG involved would still make it rare. It's just those that receive duplicates of already known pets could give them away or learn it on an alt so the companions aren't wasted. Nothing changes except for the fact that it's SLIGHTLY more available and those that already have it can help spread the love. Is that such a terrible compromise?

I mean... have a heart Blizzard! Some players have been going not one, not two, but three or more years of hoping for these pets. Isn't it about time other players get the chance to help out, or Blizzard themselves make the necessary changes to ease up on pet collectors' stress?

Ok, I get that Blizzard doesn't want everyone and their mother running around with this pet in every city on Azeroth. What about making it Bind On Account at least then? Then I (and other pet collectors) could send it to alts, or if it was picked up on an alt it could be sent to the correct collecting toon. This way it's still "rare" because as far as I know players can only exist on one toon on a single server/account at any given time, right? Wouldn't that satisfy Blizzard's desire to keep these holiday loot bag pets "rare" but at the same time give pet collectors a small helping hand? Think of it as encouraging sharing at least between yourself and.. yourself.

And just for reference, I didn't destroy it. The duplicate Toxic Wasteling will sit in my bank until Blizzard decides that it's OK TO SHARE THINGS. Shocking that some people are ok with not being special little snowflakes, isn't it?

This makes me so ANGRY icantevencontinueihavetostophere


  1. I've held onto rare duplicates from Halloween for that reason... I had held onto Spring Rabbits for 2 years and then deleted them a month before the BoE announcement came, so I'm not taking any chances now :)

  2. Man I feel your pain here.. I tried for Lumpy and no dice. At least an alt has it so come MoP I should get it by the share pet thing. Another one is the frost chip. Ugg! rng.

  3. Oh good God yes. This is everything I've ever hated about collected pets in one thing. I mean, if I don't have a pet because I'm being lazy and don't want to farm it, FINE! That's my own choice! But if I can't get a pet despite killing a holiday boss EVERY DAY (and multiple times a day back when you could do that), how is that even fair? AGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.


  4. @Saberella: I only WISH I could hold onto every single duplicate BoP pet I picked up. It feels like such a shame to have to destroy them, but my inventory space can only handle so much. :(

    @Stacye: I find that RNG isn't so bad, but when it's coupled with so many other factors that are working against you.. that's when things become not-so-very-fun.

  5. @Music-chan: It's just overkill with how many factors developers have implemented to keep these holiday loot bag dropped pets "rare" imo. It's about time for a change!


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