Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Matching Nightlights

After being sick for about a week and a half, I slowly but surely gathered enough coins for my Lunar Lantern. With some help from a guildie, I also managed to purchase a Festival Lantern. :)

Since each lantern pet is so lovely colored, I couldn't resist switching my transmog gear to match. :P Red and Blue! I'm just glad that there's no pink lantern because uh... not only do I not have a pink outfit, I'm also out of room to create anymore transmog sets. x_x

Overall, even though I got pretty sick and was unable to go out and buy the pets as soon as they were released, I'm still very satisfied. Not to mention grateful. I enjoy the hardcore grind for pets, but sometimes a slow but steady approach is also welcomed.

So thank goodness for the Lunar Festival! No limited duration, limited attempts, RNG-based loot bag pets to stress over! I don't think I would have been able to handle it mentally, emotionally OR physically if I got that ill during any other in-game seasonal event.

It really helps to put things into perspective, and makes it very clear how miserable the holiday loot-bag system is for many collectors. Not just due to the in-game RNG and restrictions but also because of the RL randomness that occurs as well. Put all of it together and a collector really just has NO options or work-arounds at that point. Blizzard really needs to take this into consideration and have a heart. Ease up on the pet collectors please; we can only do so much to play and enjoy this style of gameplay until we're at everyone else's mercy.


  1. I totally agree about the RNG. Blizzard tends to forget that this is a hobby for many people who play Warcraft. When they limit us on how much we can really do with our hobby, it makes it much less fun.

  2. Glad you're feeling better! I levelled up an undead mage (before I realized I could have rolled a DK quicker /facepalm) and enjoyed the Horde side of things, especially the Undead starting area through Hillsbrad (Welcome to the machine - best quest idea I've seen in a loooong time).

  3. @Cleophis: Thanks!

    @Mirage: I'm convinced that there's some sort of miscommunication between developers and pet collectors. Why we do what we do, what makes it fun, etc. For some players it's much more than just a hobby, but since it's such a small community compared to say the PVE or PVP community, our recommendations and requests largely seem to go overlooked.

    @Charron: Thank you. :) I tried leveling a horde DK but got out leveled by a guildmate who ended up helping me out with the horde lantern. I guess power leveling's just not my forte. I'll stick to pet collecting then. :P


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