Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 Arena Pass Registration Starts!

UPDATE: Blizzard clarified which pet will be available for this year's Arena Pass. It will be the original Murkimus the Gladiator, and NOT Murkimus Tyrannicus.


The 2013 Arena Pass registration (US) is open! The EU registration will likely start soon if it hasn't already. :)

It's unclear whether or not the pet for this year's Arena Pass will be the newly datamined Murkimus Tyrannicus or if it will be the traditional Murkimus the Gladiator. Only one is listed as one of the rewards for participating (""Murkimus", the Armored Murloc in-game pet"), so it's hard to say which one will be featured this year. Hopefully we'll find out more details in the coming weeks.

Here are some details for those that haven't participated in the past:
- Have an active WoW subscription and an account that is in good standing.
- Sign up and pay $20 in North America or €15/£12 in Europe.
- Find two other players and create a 3's team.
- Once the rated phase begins, you and your team will need to participate in at least 50 arena matches to qualify for the pet.
- You must not leave your team at any time during the rated phase or else your games be discounted towards the final total.
- The arena matches are held on a completely separate server than the main WoW realms, so no transferring of characters or anything like that is necessary.
For more details, check out the FAQ for the Arena Pass event.

If you're terrible at PVP (like me), do your best to participate in each match. Going in and botching the game by not attacking or zoning in naked may disqualify that match or your entire team. The Arena Pass is meant to be fun for everyone, so do your best to stay in the spirit of PVP for those that enjoy the sport. Blizzard does keep tabs on those that are instant forfeiting and there have been cases where action was taken upon those teams. Better to be safe than sorry, and do your best to give the other team hell. ;P

Another thing to keep in mind is to actively communicate with your team! I don't mean in the arena itself, but to organize when to play matches together. If you're teamed with two strangers that are in it for the pet as well, it's important to make sure everyone is on the same page. 50 games may not sound like a lot, but between real life priorities as well as other in-game activities, a person's schedule can already be pretty full, so it's sometimes difficult for people to make time to play extra. Communicate. Let them know when you're free and be pro-active and ask when your teammates will have time to do some matches during the ranked phase. Set up specific days/times when the three of you can be online and queue up for some games, and in turn be considerate and keep your word to be online at a certain time. We all have to help each other out and do our part to earn this pet! :)

As for me, I'm unsure if I'll be participating this year, and it will depend on if the new murkimus will be the pet for 2013. Since I already own the original Murkimus the Gladiator, it would be pointless if I signed up only to receive a second one. I'm hoping for some details on the pet soon so I can determine if I'm going to be participating or not. Not to mention I need time to find a team!


  1. Yeah, I'm hoping it's the new one...Jumped the gun and signed up without thinking it through :) since they're both armored...Oh well.

    1. @Pukanini: I still don't know what I should do. Sign up and hope it's the new one? Wait for a confirmation and be too late to sign up? Argh, if only Blizzard would confirm the pet. :(

      Side note, and I'm not sure if this even matters at all, the new "Murkimus" isn't in the Pet Journal on the PTR (yet?). Might mean that the reward for the Arena Pass is the original??? Just a wild guess.


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