Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tantalizing Tweets

In case you missed it, some info via Twitter:

"Found a bug in the forfeit (less than)1 min hotfix. Wins should still count, players should just not receive XP. We are working on an update ASAP."
This Tweet was in regards to the interesting change where queued PVP pet matches lasting less than one minute did not award a "win". Apparently it's supposed to still count in your favor if someone forfeits under the one minute mark, but you just don't earn experience. That's great news for those going after the achievement(s)!

"We know folks want these, just have to work out a plan for how to give them out. Its on the radar for sure."
This is in response to an inquiry about regionally unique/specific pets (such as the China/Korea only ones), and if they would ever become available to EU or NA.

The chances are very good.
Last but not least, baby peacock pet. 'Nuff said! :P


  1. The overseas only pets would be great. Pigs and special dragons! It would be nice if they released the essence of competition too...I always wanted that even though I have the spirit. Possibilities!

    It would be interesting if they released the murlocs at the next blizzcon or something too. As a goodybag of pets to help us in battle or something. :) Or decided to allow a lot of people in a week long holiday called the Great Murlock Hunt! Fun times.

    1. @Pukanini: I have my doubts that they'll ever release more murloc babies, but I'm still hoping!


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