Friday, June 14, 2013

Blossoming Ancient Now Available!

The Blossoming Ancient was finally released today! :D It costs $10 and can be purchased from the US or EU Blizzard store. Remember to purchase from the store that caters to your region, as you can only redeem a code for your region.

It came with a lovely little note from Malfurion (Stormrage).
"Even the mightiest of ancients was once a single, tiny seed.

In time, this sapling will grow into one of the Cenarion Circle's greatest protectors.

Until then, it will serve as your faithful companion."
Adorable! I can't wait to level up this cool looking guy. :)

And look, according to its foliage, it's still spring. XD Never again will we have to wonder what season it is in WoW. :P

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