Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pre-Patch 5.4 PTR Datamining

The next PTR is coming on "soon" and Wowhead has already datamined some goodies! Four possible pets might be coming in 5.4.
Crafty (BoP)
Moon Moon (BoE)
Rascal Bot (BoP)
Essence of Xuen (BoP)
Currently only the first three have both item IDs and spell IDs, while Essence of Xuen is still missing a spell to go along with it. We'll just have to wait and see how things pan out this upcoming PTR cycle.

I'm pretty curious about Crafty and Moon Moon, and I can't wait to see what type of pets they will be (or if they'll even be available to collect). Crafty's summon tooltip includes an extra line, "This pet is awesome", but we'll be the judge of that! :P

Edit: @perculia and @liopleurodonic brought to light additional pet-related additions: 2 new achievements!
Crazy for Cats (under the Collect sub-category)
The Celestial Tournament (under the Battle sub-category)
The first one made me laugh, but I have to wonder about the Aspect of Xuen requirement. Perhaps tied with Essence of Xuen?

The second achievement sounds pretty intriguing. A pet battle PVE event, tournament-style? Will we have to battle waves of champions Grand Master Tamers? I can't wait to learn more :)


  1. I fear that Moon Moon will be another Darkmoon Rabbit as MMO-Champion has a Darkmoon Direwolf Boss image up. And even better now that DMF is a CRZ zone. ;-(

    1. @Jodmos: One thing that Blizzard can do to help is add the "faction tagging" mechanic to the DMF direwolf world boss. Less griefing, more people joining in on the fun, and personal loot. I'm crossing my fingers that that's what happens with this new boss! Hoping even the Darkmoon Rabbit will get changed.

    2. This would be interesting. With a guaranteed drop of a pet to "at least" one person who is fighting it. Other drops could include other Darkmoon pets that the wolf was holding captive, battle stones, pet treats, or even wolf-like cosmetic gear. :)

    3. @Pukanini: "With a guaranteed drop of a pet to "at least" one person who is fighting it." If they use the faction tagging mechanic, I 100% agree that at least ONE person needs to win the pet as their personal loot. XD


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