Friday, June 14, 2013

5.4 PTR: New Pet Preview

I finally found some time to log onto the PTR and check out the Pet Journal. So far Pierre is still not tradeable, Crafty is a work in progress and its entry in the journal is just a placeholder, and the four Celestial aspects are in miniature form!

All of the Celestial babies are from the Tournament of Celestials vendor and are cageable. Their abilities are currently all the same, and will very likely be updated/change later.

Aspect of Chi-JI (flying)

Aspect of Niuzao (beast)

Aspect of Xuen (beast)

Aspect of Yu'lon (dragonkin)

Much like the Argent Tournament, we'll probably have to collect a specific currency to purchase each pet. It's possible that Timeless Coins and/or Celestial Coins will be used at the upcoming tournie.

Next, there's Moon Moon which is indeed a drop from the DMF world boss, Moonfang. It's a beast and is cageable.

Abilities: 1 Moon Fang, 2 Howl, 4 Moon Tears,
10 Bite, 15 Crouch, 20 Moon Dance
I'm still curious to see how the tag and loot mechanics will be for the new world boss. Crossing my fingers that it will be classified as faction taggable!

Last but not least, Rascal-Bot looks like it's the homage to Bad Robot. It's a mech and is not tradeable. Much like Pierre, it's a crafted pet using engineering. Its abilities haven't been updated yet and are still the same as Pierre.

The crafting recipe for both Pierre and Rascal-Bot are currently identical. It's only changed slightly from when the recipe for Pierre was first discovered in a previous PTR cycle. Both pets require 15 Living Steel each and 15 Jard's Peculiar Energy Source each. Much like before, the latter material is BoP so engineers will need to be able to craft this mat themselves.

It's still unclear where the recipes will come from or if they will be trainable. My hope is that they won't require a level 90 to learn/obtain, or else my poor engineer will be out of luck. Both pets are BoP and NOT cageable so if you must be 90 to learn how to craft them, I'm going to be waiting a while before I finally manage to get a hold of the pets. :(

Anyway, if you'd like to see a preview of these pets in-game (PTR), there's a youtube video here!

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