Saturday, September 27, 2014

Detailed Garrison Progression For WoD

Blizzard recently released an informative article on garrison progression, Garrison Preview Part 2—All -Buildings Great and Small.

Some notable points that should be kept in mind:
- Level 1 blueprints all become available to you when your Garrison reaches Tier 2.

- Level 2 blueprints become available at different times depending on their size:
Small buildings: Reach level 96 or complete the Talador zone.
Medium buildings: Reach level 98 or complete the Spires of Arak zone.
Large buildings: Reach level 100 or complete the Nagrand zone.
- Level 3 blueprints become available as you complete certain achievements across Draenor.

- Level 3 blueprints are account-wide. Once you unlock one on a character, it’s available to all characters on your account.
Note: You don't actually have to complete the entire zone to unlock blueprints of your appropriate level. The blueprints on the vendor have a tooltip that reads, "Requires (zone) Outpost or level XX".

The outpost unlock often involves just the first quest chain of a zone, but will require a follow up storyline in one area (see below).

(Alliance) garrison progression in WoD:
The ultimate goals are to unlock and fully upgrade the Menagerie, plus open up and upgrade plots as soon as possible to start amassing materials to craft the pets. I went through 90-100 on beta again to record a specific itinerary.

1. Level 90-93 = Build level 1 garrison w/ 1 Large Plot + 1 Small plot

2. Level 91-93 = Upgrade garrison to level 2, Build another Large Plot + Small Plot
2a.) Level 92 = Fully unlock Mines, upgrade Mines to level 2
- level 2 blueprint requires level 2 garrison
3. Level 94-100 = Build and level current/existing plots, unlock other plots
3a.) Level 94 = Fully unlock Fishing shack, upgrade Fishing Shack level 2
- level 2 blueprint requires level 2 garrison
- start doing daily quest
3b.) Level 94-96 = Upgrade small plots to level 2
- blueprint requirement: complete Talador "Establishing your Outpost" storyline
3c.) Level 96 = Fully unlock Herb Garden, upgrade Herb Garden level 2
- level 2 blueprint requires level 2 garrison
3d.) 96-98 = Upgrade Medium plots to level 2
- blueprint requirement: complete Spires of Arak "Shadows Gather" storyline, go back to Veil Terokk, do followup quests there, go back to Southport, complete "Securing Southport" storyline
3e.) 98-100 = Upgrade Large plots
- blueprint requirement: complete Nagrand "The Might of Steel and Blood" storyline
4. Level 100 = Upgrade garrison to level 3
4a.) Unlock Menagerie, upgrade Menagerie to level 2
- start doing daily quest (can start at Menagerie level 1)
4b.) Upgrade Menagerie level 3, unlock Mastering the Menagerie daily
- blueprint requirement: Draenic Pet Battler achievement (can complete this at any level)
4c.) Upgrade all other plots to level 3
- level 3 blueprints require a specific achievement related to the plot/profession

Note: Although the Menagerie plot and NPC appears at the same time as the Mine, Herb Garden, and Fishing Shack, unlike these three, you can't actually pick up a quest to unlock it until your garrison is upgraded to level 3. This might be slightly confusing since the unlock quest, Pets Versus Pests, only requires level 98 to start and is advertised as such in most guides.

One would think that with a level requirement of 98, you could pick it up at 98 and open up the Menagerie at that point, right? Nope. The actual level needed for the Menagerie is 100, as that is the only time you can upgrade the garrison to level 3.

Hopefully I can stick fairly close to my proposed plan; I don't think there will be any extreme deviation. I should be all set for WoD :)

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