Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WoD Beta: The Great Purge?

A new WoD Beta patch was released today (18888) and many of the previously implemented wild pets were removed from the Pet Journal. It's possible they were renamed and/or haven't been re-added into the journal, but we'll see. Here's a list of all of them that are missing:
Bloodthorn Hatchling
Cerulean Moth
Crimsonwing Moth
Fen Crab
Glowing Sporebat
Ironclaw Scuttler
River Calf
Sapphire Firefly
Violet Firefly
I'll continue to update this post with more details and information if I come across any. More to come once I finish combing over the Pet Journal.

Update: With the above pets gone (and if they don't find their way back into the game), we're down to 96 possible new pets in WoD. Not quite over 100 like before, but it's still a large amount and all of those new pets should keep us busy for a while. :P

In addition to the removed pets listed above, there were some changes to previously implemented pets. A few had their source changed, and the pet that was originally known as Karabor Kid was renamed to Argi. It also received a small makeover and its model received some updates.

Only one new pet was added this time, the Parched Lizard. It can be found as a wild pet in Gorgrond and uses the same model as a warp stalker.

Speaking of wild pets, many wild pets were finally implemented and spread across Draenor. Wild battles now also consist of 3 pets instead of just 1. This should mean pet experience earned from grinding on wild pets will be the same in Draenor as in Pandaria.

The vendor at the Menagerie inside your garrison had her stock updated. You can purchase a Mystery Bag for 2 Pet Charms and receive a random family-specific leveling stone.

Unfortunately, she doesn't trade a Marked Flawless Battle-Stone for three of a kind anymore. If you're still in need of a specific family's quality upgrade stone and want to trade in three, you'll need to visit the Pet Battle trainer in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Other than the Marked Flawless stone (costs 10 Pet Charms), there doesn't seem to be a steady source of quality upgrade stones in Draenor. I imagine this may prove to be a huge inconvenience for some collectors/battlers. :\


  1. I am concerned bout there not being enough wild pets. Everything seems to be from professions or random drops and world pets seem lacking, a lot. Am I wrong in that assumption?

    1. @XboxProductions: There are currently 26 wild pets out of a total of 96 WoD pets. That's almost 30% of the new pets, so I'd say it's a decent amount.

    2. 30% sounds like a lot but 26 wild sounds like nothing when 70 are to be payed for.

    3. @XboxProductions: To break it down even further (because it's completely false that 70 out of 96 pets will be vendor pets):

      16 pets will be quest rewards
      13 pets will come from vendors
      7 pets will come from special world event vendors
      19 pets will be drops
      12 pets will come from professions
      and then there's a handful of miscellaneous sources, such as achievement rewards, a pet store pet, the anniversary pets, etc.

      So there will be a wide variety of ways to collect new pets in WoD.


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