Thursday, September 4, 2014

WoD Beta: Mastering the Menagerie

Thanks to @patf0rd we now have some insight on what you earn by defeating all of the Draenor trainers.

Once you've completed the achievement Taming Draenor AND have a level 3 Menagerie (blueprints for a level 3 menagerie require the achievement Draenic Pet Battler), you'll unlock a new daily quest inside your garrison called "Mastering the Menagerie" (NYI on Wowhead). The objective of the daily is to defeat all 6 trainers.

It will reward a Big Bag of Pet Supplies which contains charms and the family-specific leveling stones. Plus, it might drop some new pets! Well, at least according to the Pet Journal. There are a handful of pets that are rewarded from the quest "Mastering the Menagerie".

A big thank you to patf0rd for sharing this info with me and testing all of this out!

Edit: List of all the pets that are currently listed in the beta Pet Journal as a reward from "Mastering the Menagerie". There's a total of 7.

Albino Chimaeraling
Ghastly Kid
Puddle Terror
Sunfire Kaliri
Sun Sproutling


  1. Hmm it's a bit weird, but the second time this week I was taken for a female named Patrica Ford... but... my name isn't Patricia, I'm male... there's no relation between me in person and my twitter or name. And I named my ally char only Pattiford, so you know who is whispering you for this rare mob kill ;-) Let's use @patf0rd and I'm sorry.

  2. 1000 pet battles in Draenor? Doesn't that seem a little...excessive?

    1. @Anonymous: For some, yes. For others, maybe not. I'm still undecided about which side I lean towards.

    2. the good news, now it's only 150!


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