Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not a Goodbye, Just a See You Later

The pet Hogs was originally implemented in a previous WoD beta patch, and was set to be the reward for a limited time achievement during WoW's 10th anniversary. As the beta progressed, though, Hogs was eventually removed as the reward, and everyone wondered where he would end up.

Well, we finally have some confirmation on Hogs' fate (for now). From developer LeCraft's Twitter:
"Hogs has been removed as a battle pet. He may appear in a later patch."
This is disappointing news, but I honestly can't say that I'm too surprised. If not an anniversary reward, I can't imagine where Hogs would fit in as a collectible pet. Perhaps he could have been placed in the Blizzard Store as a purchasable pet, at the risk of upsetting a large audience. Collectors have mixed feelings about the Pet Store, and to place such an iconic and high profile pet may not go over well enough to be worth it.

But we'll see.

Even though it's unlikely that we'll see him any time soon, it's still possible that Blizzard will release him in the future. I'm crossing my fingers that they find an appropriate and suitable place for him in-game.

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