Saturday, November 1, 2014

Busy, Busy November

Reminders for myself of upcoming WoW events. There's SO MUCH THIS MONTH!

  • Sunday, November 2: DMF (new pet, Syd the Squid)
  • Friday, November 7 & 8: BlizzCon 2014 (pet-related news coverage?!)
  • Thursday, November 13: WoD release (all the things!)
  • Friday, November 21: WoW's 10th Anniversary starts (two new pets, Molten Corgi and Hatespark the Tiny)
  • Monday, November 24: Pilgrim's Bounty (new pet, Bush Chicken)

The DMF will last the entire week, so I just need to remember to do the daily every day. I plan on being on right as the faire opens up, so I can sneak in that extra daily before it resets. I may even enlist the help of my other half...after teaching him how to Pet Battle, that is lol. He was into Pokemon, it shouldn't be hard at all. :P

I'm hoping there will be some awesome pet-related news announced at BlizzCon. Developer Jeremy Feasel already hinted that they may share some info on the next Raiding With Leashes set of pets and achievement. Here's hoping we hear a lot about that and more. :D

I plan on going HAM once WoD comes out. Between release day and WoW's 10th anniversary, I'm probably going to try and level a few toons to max. The anniversary Molten Core raid where the pet drops from is level 100 only, so poop. 8 days to get as many toons to max, for as many tries for the pet as possible. Even if you can just re-queue over and over again, and still have a chance to have the pet drop for you on every single Ragnaros kill, having a number of max level toons will be helpful/necessary for other expansion activities anyway. TONS of new pets to collect!

After that, it's Pilgrim's Bounty. I still have no idea where the pet will come from since the Pet Journal is vague. Doesn't seem like it will be a pet from a vendor, so perhaps a quest? Wowhead hasn't listed any new Pilgrim's Bounty quests or rewards that I've seen, though. The only clue we have to go on is a Tweet made by Feasel a while back.

Sooo... we'll have to just wait and see.

In December it will quiet down a little, just in time for Xmas huh? The DMF will be back again, like clockwork. I don't recall seeing any new pets listed for this year's Feast of Winter Veil, although there are new toys.

Whew! It's going to be busy in-game for the next month or so. I'm excited while also a little anxious. Don't let me down, myself. Get those pets! :)

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