Sunday, November 16, 2014

Quintessence vs. Quintessence (of Light)!

Oh boy. There's been a whirlwind of stuff going on. Between reaching level 100, upgrading my garrison to level 3, and of course, collecting pets...there's just SO MUCH. Do all the things!

I've completed a multitude of pet tasks since I last wrote; collected all of the Draenor wilds, defeated all of the Draenor trainers, built and upgraded my Menagerie to level 2, etc. As much as I'd love to log every single moment, it would take me far too long and there's a lot of other stuff I'd like get started on instead.

However, there's one moment I'd like to capture: Quintessence of Light visited my Menagerie today! :) This is the first time I've seen and battled her on live. She's a lot more difficult than what I remember from the beta, partially because her fight was incomplete during testing.

Anyway, because she's been updated since I last fought her, it took me a few attempts to finally find a strat that I'm satisfied with. It's probably not foolproof and RNG could interfere with a win, but I'm happy with it for now. With my terrible memory, I need to write it down.
Infected Squirrel (P/B 1,2,2 - H/P would work just as well, possibly better)
Sprite Darter Hatchling (2,2,1)
Nether Faerie Dragon (S/S 2,2,1 - unsure about other breeds)
Round 1: Diseased Bite
Round 2: Creeping Fungus
Round 3: Corpse Explosion
Round 4: refresh Creeping Fungus
Round 5: Free swap in; Sprite Darter Hatchling - Moonfire
Round 6: Life Exchange
Round 7+: Arcane Blast with last two pets until Quintessence of Light dies
This will have to do for now until someone else comes out with a better strat. And, yes I'm aware of the "howl bomb" strat, but I didn't want to have to fall back on a default strategy to win. Maybe if I'm in a rush or if an encounter just can't be won any other way, I'll use it. If there's another method, though, I'd prefer it over the howl bomb. It's just more fun for me, and I don't feel like I'm cheesing the game.

Ok well, that's pretty much all that I wanted to catalog for now. There's more that I want to write about but my guildmates are calling me for more heroic dungeon runs. :)


  1. I want to access my menagerie so badly, but mine is bugged. Mine is still locked even though I completed the quest to unlock it. At this point I would gladly re-defeat the three pets if it meant I could have my menagerie! I submitted a ticket, but I'm not sure they can even help. ��

    1. @Rhapture: That sucks that it bugged out on you. :(

      This sounds like a fairly major bug, though, so I would be surprised if Blizzard didn't fix it somehow for you. Hopefully it works out and you get the Menagerie soon!

    2. They answered my ticket and told me to re-do the quest, but it was a one time quest. I was also told to check wowhead to make sure I understood the requirements. I replied telling them I knew the requirements and gave them the links of several other people having the same problem. All they did was close my ticket. I had put in a bug report and also reported it on the forums. All of us affected are beyond frustrated, and are worried it will be ignored. Some of them were told to just complete it on an alt, but that's crappy to have to fork out the gold to level another garrison if you had not planned on it and also crappy to not have it on your pet collecting main. I just hope and pray that we got grouchy GM's and something will be done.

    3. I hope that you get the issue resolved. That answer is not customer service!

  2. Is she named after you? I'm guessing so! Beautiful!

    1. @Drrum: I've been way too shy to ask directly about it, so uhhh I guess so??!! lol


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