Friday, November 14, 2014

First Pet Get and My Other Newest Additions

I collected my first pet yesterday while leveling in Shadowmoon Valley. Umbrafen Spore! As soon as I entered the area with the giant mushrooms, it instantly triggered what I would call a "pet-sense" lol. In reality, I simply remembered how troublesome it was on beta to figure out how to get to the object that drops the pet.

Needless to say, I talked my OH into coming with me to climb the mountain, and jump down onto the giant mushroom to collect the spore. He's not a pet collector, but looting treasures around Draenor rewards experience so... why not? :D hehe!

Why is this pet on a leash when you summon it out? I have no idea. Sure, the leash could just be an artifact of that time when its model was that of a balloon. But I'd like to think that it's tied down because it NEEDS to be. Ever heard of a dangerous spore? Well I have one (or two, or three) in my collection now. :P

I haven't been focusing too hard on getting pets. There are still quite a few I'm missing. My goal was to get started on my horde toon too, and get that Engineering and Tailoring going. But between the lag, queues, and disconnects, that hasn't really been an option. So I've just been leveling my main.

Other pets that I have managed to collect during my leveling adventure (in order of acquisition):
  • Crimson Spore - Obtained while doing the early quests in Gorgrond. Again, made it a point to drag the OH for treasure! XD
  • Mudback Calf - Captured while in Gorgrond. I remembered how rare these wild hippos were on beta, so as soon as I saw one I trapped it. Nevermind if it was poor quality, that's what battle-stones are for!
  • Doom Bloom - I remembered the rare in a cave that drops this pet from the beta. Hey, rares give experience too! Feeeeeed me, Seymour
  • Stonegrinder - Another treasure that I couldn't pass up. While I danced around lasers and stuff, the OH charged straight through lol. GEEZE.
  • Teroclaw Hatchling - "Me: Come loot this nest! OH: Why? Is it a ques- oh..." haha
  • Shadow Sporebat - Again, these were fairly rare on the beta. They only spawn in a teeny tiny little area of Talador, and they share spawns with other wild pets in the immediate area. First thing I did when I reached that area was capture the first one I saw.
  • Flat-Tooth Calf - Same deal as the Mudback Calf. Didn't want to pass up the only one I saw!
  • Kaliri Hatchling and Veilwatcher Hatchling - Finally traveled to Spires of Arak to level, and oh looook...a pet battle daily! And what do you know? The NPC sells a pet after you've defeated him. Bye bye 1k gold without any hesitation! :P

I haven't leveled any of them yet because I'm still trying to finish up leveling myself first lol. Hopefully server maintenance will end on time (not holding my breath :P), and I can get back to the grind and collecting pets. :)


  1. I spent the majority of my time yesterday going around to collect pets. Vesharr wouldn't become a vendor for me, however.

    1. @Mirage: I wonder if that's a bug or if there's some other prerequisite (other than defeating him in battle). Did you complete the intro quests for the zone?

  2. I put in a bug report on the leash. I have no idea if it is intended or not but I dont like the look of the leash at all. :(
    will you let us know if you hear anything about if it is supposed to have that or not?

    1. @Anonymous: Sure, but I really haven't heard much in the way of the spores being bugged.


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