Saturday, November 1, 2014

SAVAGE Grommloc!

Due to a migraine, I missed a doozy today -- Grommloc was finally mailed out to those that purchased a BlizzCon 2014 Virtual Ticket! Yay another pet to add to my army. :)

Grommloc supersized and fearing any who stand in his way

He doesn't have any idle animations, but he will do a small roar and fear wild pets and critters around him. The large groups of critters in Valley of the Four Winds is a good spot to watch him do his thing. Weaklings, flee puny critters! :P

I did try to get him to scare away some level 1 cows in Stormwind, but they didn't seem phased by Grommloc's savageness. Cows are fearless...? lol

I've yet to try out Grommloc in battles. I don't PVP so his breed (P/S) probably won't matter too much for me. Not even sure P/S is good for his set of abilities. But I suppose that's ok if it's not. Pets that cost RL money that are amazing in battles due to a strong breed + strong moveset can be controversial.

All pets in general are "must haves" for a collector, but a "pay-to-win" pet that changes the metagame upsets the balance and perceived fairness since some will be able to afford it while others won't.

So if Grommloc doesn't have a very good moveset and/or breed, I'm ok with that. It's fine if it's just a fun vanity pet that will hang out with you and scare away cowardly critters. :)

Besides, he's a murloc that has hair on his head. WTF. That's unique in itself XD


And on an unrelated note, developer Jeremy Feasel dropped a hint of what's to come at BlizzCon. I'm excited and can't wait to learn more!


  1. Well, I don't really like him. I was expecting a pet of the same level of the other blizzcons, regarding animation. An aoe fear doesn't even come close. This seems to me kind of a lazy thing.

    1. @Anonymous: To each their own. :)

      I wouldn't have minded some idle animations, but I'll give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt that they had their hands full with finishing up the expansion AND BlizzCon stuff.


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