Sunday, June 13, 2010 Trivia Contest is having yet another contest! this time it's a trivia contest with TCG prizes. much like their previous contest you don't have to be a member of their website to participate (awesome but it's even more awesome if you are) and it doesn't require any fancy skill such as being the next picaso or shakespeare (YAY! oh but you do need a brain, one with good memory preferably :P).

since i'm such a stalker of the website, i've already filled out a trivia form and submitted it. 14 out of 15 correct! so CLOSE! i'm dying to know which question i got wrong and i'm ready to /headdesk because i just have a feeling it was one of the "DUH how could you not know that" questions. x_x well, i guess i have to wait until next week to find out. it's going to be bugging me until then.

i'm very doubtful i'll make it into the super elite group that got the most questions right since there sure are some hardcore pet collecting veterans out there (*shakes a fist at that one question*), but i'll keep my fingers and toes crossed.

reading over all the trivia questions really made me nostalgic. i had to think back pretty far to when pet collecting wasn't as big. all those memories between then and now, it was like watching a beautiful flower bloom. i couldn't help but smile at some of the questions. ahh, maybe i'm just a softy who has too many sentimental investments in this game/obsession. :P

well, good luck to everyone participating in the contest. i'm going to go knock on wood and try to do some voodoo dance or something in hopes that i at least make it to the random prize drawing! (and to chew my brain out over which question i might have gotten wrong lol.)
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