Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pet of the Week - Dark Whelpling

the dark whelpling was one of the first in-game companion pet gifts that i received back in the day when pets were less sought after. not only was this pet rare, its uniqueness made it extremely pricey on the auction house too. so you can imagine my excitement and surprise upon seeing this little baby in my mailbox!

why i love it
my absolute favorite thing about the dark whelpling and all the whelplings in general is their awkward mid-flight spin. it almost looks like they're trying to chase their tails!

what i would change
i would add an animation to the whelplings. nothing fancy and i'd want to keep them unique from the onyxian whelpling, though. maybe have the dark whelpling yawn and upon doing so a small puff of fire (instead of a "deep breath") comes out of its mouth.

other than that, i wouldn't change it. oh, a small model upgrade would be cool since it does have a sort of boxy/pixel look at certain angles.
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