Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Cold" News

mmo-champ reports that there will be a new midsummer fire festival companion:
- frigid frostling
it will drop from the new satchel of chilled goods obtained only once per day (first lord ahune kill each day). and yes, it's bind on pick up.

AHHHH!! *insert excitement yet disappointment here*

while i'm glad there's finally a new elemental pet to keep the scorchling company, i'm very anxious and uneasy about how high of a drop rate this new companion will be. i can only hope and pray that blizzard will be kind to us pet collectors. :(

reading through the wowhead comments on the frigid frostling, it seems as if this pet will make it snow on random players! how neat is that? i can't wait to see it in action with my own eyes.

again, best of luck everyone! i'll be knocking on wood, crossing my fingers and toes, and doing some sort of voodoo dance/magic for the RNG gods in hopes that i'll get the new frigid frostling before the end of this year's midsummer fire festival.
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