Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pet of the Week - Pengu

this week's pet review is of pengu, the kalu'ak penguin. as soon as i heard this would be a purchasable pet (provided that you have the correct reputation with the kalu'ak faction), i began the rep grind for him. it wasn't too difficult to reach exalted since there are repeatable dailies that just take some time to get to.

why i love it
i absolutely adore his penguin run. when i'm bored i pull out pengu, run around and watch him chase after me with his cute waddle.

another aspect of this companion that i love is when you target him and do /sexy, he may sometimes do a penguin slide! it's not a guaranteed emote like other pets, so there are times when i'm just sitting around dalaran spamming /sexy with pengu out. i'm sure i've annoyed quite a few people just to get him to do his slide. XD

what i would change
when wotlk first came out pengu was THE penguin pet, but unlike his (smaller) brother mr. chilly, pengu had red glossy eyes which made him seem a bit demonic and evil. i loved those eyes! it really made him unique when standing next to the other penguin pet. color me sad when i found out blizzard had plans to exorcise pengu. :( wish they hadn't and i wish they'd change him back.
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