Monday, June 14, 2010

Pet of the Week - Lil' K.T.

lil' k.t. was one of the first pets to be sold exclusively through blizzard's official online PetStore. he was gifted to me the first day blizzard announced the sale. needless to say i was ecstatic! :) and very grateful of course.

why i love it
the quality of this pet is just amazing. the detailed model, the animations, and the vocalizations. PLUS this pet interacts with the environment. lil' k.t. definitely satisfies my sadistic side. whenever i see his little frost bolt flying towards a critter, i can't help but cackle slightly myself.

my absolute favorite part about this companion? i love the way his head will randomly detach and do a full 360 spin while separated from his body. it's a subtle animation but it's a pretty unique one!

what i would change
being such a new pet and one that people must pay real life money to get it, he's a very well-rounded pet. i can't seem to think of anything i'd change at this time.

the price is cheaper than the TCG pets which makes it a steal, but because it does involve real money and not everyone can afford or will want to spend real money for lil' k.t., his "rarity" in game will still be pretty high. i would have preferred it if part of the proceeds from the sale of this pet went to more non-profit charities, but oh well. it's still a very satisfying vanity pet!
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