Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Hot" News

the much anticipated midsummer fire festival is nearly upon us! this holiday brings with it the spirit of summer (purchasable for 350 burning blossoms) and scorchling (rare drop from lord ahune) companion pets. you can bet that i'll be checking out the festival to see if there are any new pets for this year.

also, the (less) awaited new holiday boss dungeon system will also be accompanying this year's in-game summer holiday. this is significant for pet collectors because as far as we know, the midsummer fire festival holiday boss is the only source for the scorchling companion.

recap on how the new holiday boss system will work:
- you may only access the boss within the specific dungeon through the dungeon finder tool. using any other method will not allow access to seasonal bosses.

- you will only have one chance per day, per toon to receive vanity items off of seasonal bosses. think of it like random heroics and frost badges; the first holiday boss kill per day will reward you with a "holiday loot bag" that may or may not reward you with a vanity item. note: only the recipient of the loot bag may receive the contents of the loot bag, making "ninja'ing" impossible. (think of the new occulus loot bag)

- you may kill the boss multiple times a day, but only your first kill will reward you with the chance of a vanity item.

- you cannot summon in alts or friends to "farm" seasonal bosses for the vanity items anymore.
since the in-game event lasts for 14 days, players will only have 14 chances at the rare vanity item/pet from lord ahune, compared to previous years where players had as many chances per day as they had alts (and friends).

there has been a call for a higher drop rate on the scorchling pet or having it available for purchase (using burning blossoms) to counter this change in how many attempts we get at the "fun" items off of holiday bosses. whether or not blizzard has acknowledged and taken some action towards the (new) limited chance for RNG to be in favor of players is yet to be seen.

so if you had any plans to go on vacation during the next two weeks but wanted a shot at the scorchling companion, i hope you have a portable computer or laptop!

anyway, i'm half hoping there will be a new non-combat companion to farm for and i'm half hoping there won't be. either way, i wish good luck to everyone going for the pet(s)!
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