Thursday, May 27, 2010

Small TCG Change?

"Cryptozoic Entertainment just launched its first set since taking on the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game." -

as you may remember, blizzard ended their TCG contract with upper deck entertainment and has since then signed up with cryptozoic entertainment for all their TCG organizing and printing needs.

not much has changed since cryptozoic entertainment took over. the loot cards are still in print, still randomly placed in packs, and are still redeemable. however, i must make a note of one particular change that does affect pet collectors.

upper deck entertainment had a point system in which buyers of cards could redeem a set amount of points for rare items, one being landro's pet box. while under upper deck management, this item had the chance of dropping 6 random items, 3 of which were companion pets (bananas, ethereal soul-trader, and dragon kite).

now under cryptozoic entertainment's care, the TCG Wrath Gate set includes landro's pet box, but under a new name: Landro’s Gift (a "common" loot card). this loot card is still good for one box that holds a random item within it, but it must be noted that unlike upper deck's pet box cryptozoic's pet box DOES NOT include any companion pets.

"The common Loot is Landro’s Gift. More often than not, you’ll receive Papa Hummel’s Pet Biscuit, Path of Cenarius, or Sandbox Tiger from it. [...] If you’re lucky, you’ll receive the Saltwater Snapjaw Riding Turtle, the Red Bearon Battle Bear, or the X-51 Nether Rocket! [...] Oh, did I forget to mention your character could loot a Spectral Tiger from Landro’s Gift!?" - source

they seem to have replaced the pets with mounts instead. have no fear, there are still a few ebay listings for upper deck entertainment pet boxes if you're willing to try your luck. make sure to read the full listing before purchasing though. if in doubt whether or not you are buying the original landro's pet box or the new one, ask the seller.

well i'm glad that the transition from upper deck entertainment to cryptozoic entertainment was relatively smooth. i must admit i'm a little disappointed about the change to landro's pet box (it would have been awesome to loot a dragon kite or soul-trader!), but that's just how it goes.

i can't wait to see what pets (if any) the next TCG set has in store for us!
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