Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pet of the Week - Whiskers the Rat

whiskers the rat is one of the three original children's week quest rewards. i must admit that i chose him last out of the three. what can i say? the other two just seemed cuter. ^^;

why i love it
at first, the thought of a rat didn't appeal to me. but after meeting whiskers, i've come to adore these furry rodents (at least in game). i love the way he's constantly active; looking around and washing his face. this rat is probably the cleanest one in game!

the fact that he also does tricks (plays dead) is also really interesting. i wonder who taught him that because it certainly wasn't me! a smart rat indeed.

what i would change
for one of the vanilla companion pets, i'd say whiskers is pretty complete. the only extra thing i would add would be along the same idea as cat and dog/wolf pets chasing each other. rats/mice and cats not getting along too! just think of it: whiskers being chased by a siamese cat who's being chased by the perky pug. it satisfies my sadistic side :3
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