Sunday, May 2, 2010

But I Want THAT One Mommy!

the northrend children's week quests for the curious wolvar pup and curious oracle hatchling are currently bugged. Q_Q if you completed the quests last year and got either pet, the dalaran matron will not give you the quests for the other orphan this year. at least not until the blizzard devs nudge miss matron (probably during this week's maintenance).

so i guess i'll be waiting until then to complete my collection. worst case scenario: blizzard doesn't fix this bug at all and we'll have to wait yet ANOTHER year for a chance at that second northrend orphan. but i'm crossing my fingers that that doesn't happen.

since there doesn't seem to be any other new addition to this year's children's week, i'll just be hanging around dalaran waiting on the matron to stop being stingy with her kids :P
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