Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pet of the Week - Peddlefeet

peddlefeet is the lovable goblin "cupid", and is obtained during the 'love is in the air' in-game festival. i was lucky enough to get peddlefeet before festival revamp when the only way to obtain the pet was through a RNG drop from v-day gifts. it was THE last night of the event and i was doing my hourly rounds of kissing guards and hoping to get lucky. and what do you know? TA-DA! to my relief i opened a gift and it had peddlefeet waiting inside for me. goes to show the RNG gods CAN be kind :P

why i love it
peddlefeet is just a neat pet. er, if you can call him that? i'm not sure goblins enjoy being called pets. well he's definitely a one of a kind of... something. lol.

he holds sentimental value for me more than anything else. the fact that i was lucky enough to receive the pet under RNG circumstances is something that i hold dear.

what i would change
i'd love to see peddlefeet do a shooting animation on random players or even on the owner. it might get a bit annoying though, having a random heart pop up above your head lol.
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