Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vanity Fun For Everyday Chores

as i was running around doing my normal dailies in dalaran, cooking and fishing, i thought to myself, 'i'd like some variety instead of having just this one pet out the entire time, but it's such a hassle to have to stop and summon a new random pet.'

i'm currently using the random macro (thank you!) to summon a random companion, however i felt the need to take it one step further.

with just a couple extra lines of simple script, i edited my current random pet summon macro to activate whenever i mount or press it to dismount:
/run CallCompanion("CRITTER", random(GetNumCompanions("CRITTER")))
/use Great Purple Elekk
of course i still use the random summon macro for times when i can't mount up, but now i can have even more pet fun while continuing to be efficient in everyday activities! it's great to have a random non-combat pet out with me to make all those mundane and boring dailies more enjoyable. :D
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