Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Falling Out of Love

even after much testing, coaxing and suggesting on my part, it looks as if the plump turkey and spring rabbit have fallen out of love. :(

prior to this year's noblegarden event these two unlikely lovers happily mated and produced cute little baby bunnies, much like when two spring rabbits find love with each other. why the plump turkey and spring rabbit had bunny babies only and not mutant cross species children is a mystery.

but alas, it seems that it was only a spring fling. when placed next to each other now, there are no sparks of love, no hearts, and much to my dismay... no baby bunnies. they are strangers to each other again.

it's always sad when blizzard corrects a fun and amusing mistake, but i guess it was only right. turkeys and rabbits weren't meant to be afterall.
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