Monday, April 5, 2010

Pet of the Week - Mojo

mojo is the lovable blue frog from zul'aman. i was one of the last in my guild to get this pet, but i was fortunate enough to have friends who were willing to give up their hex sticks so i could have extra attempts. :)

why i love it
despite mojo having the same model, different coloring as the four other frog pets, you can interact with mojo! blow him a kiss and suddenly you're a frog yourself. talk about spreading "warts" :P

one thing that i adored pre-wotlk was that you could mount and /kiss him while mounted. doing so would turn you into a frog sitting upon a GIANT mount. since the release of wotlk though, they've fixed this bug.

another bug that i enjoyed but has since been fixed is the bug where shapeshifting while a frog would turn you into a different colored frog each time.

lastly, an interesting thing that they have not fixed yet is that druids can shapeshift into bird form, sit down, and /kiss mojo. ever see a flying frog? it's great!

what i would change
while i understand that giant mounts with frogs riding them could cause gameplay issues, i don't see how a shapeshifting druid changing frog colors could hurt. please give me back my chameleon-like frog form!

other than that, i wouldn't change a thing. the model is outdated and the vocalizations aren't anything special or new, but the way players can interact with this pet makes up for these things in my opinion.
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