Friday, April 9, 2010

Starcraft 2 and... WoW?

what on earth could starcraft 2 have to do with companion pets in WoW?

mmo-champ reports that the collector's edition of starcraft 2 will also come with a slew of other goodies, INCLUDING *insert drumroll* a new WoW vanity pet!

the new pet will be a miniature version of Thor, a new unit featured in SC2. mmo-champ has a video up of Thor as it is in starcraft 2. there's no preview for the in-game pet version yet. hopefully we'll be seeing it soon!

while i'm not a huge starcraft fan, i have a friend who is. hopefully i'll be able to talk my way into being gifted the Thor in-game pet. although i'm not entirely sure if those who buy the CE edition of starcraft 2 will even be able to give away the pets or if they will be permanently tied to the account for which SC2 was bought for. if the latter is the case, then i guess no Thor pet for me. :( i love my pets, but i'm not going to shell out $100 for a game that i don't even really enjoy just for the noncombat companion.

being unable to sell, give away, or trade the pet would also make it a pretty useless bonus feature for starcraft junkies who have zero interest in world of warcraft. well, we'll see what happens.

as of right now starcraft 2 does not have an official release date, but i'll be sure to bug my friend to start looking out for the CE pre-order or in-store reservation. :)
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