Monday, April 12, 2010

Pet of the Week - Jubling

i acquired jubling during the molten core days when blackrock depths wasn't as easily solo'ed as it is today. at first i didn't even know of this frog's existence, as it was still quite rare to see anyone with it. after some research and instance solo'ing tips from a guildie, i was a proud owner of jubling's unhatched egg! then the 7 day wait began lol.

why i love it
this amphibian is on the larger side compared to its fellow froggy/toad friends. it's no surprise to me since the jubling loves beer! it's gotta have the weight to be able to handle all that alcohol it drinks :P

it's always amusing to watch the jubling literally climb the walls to quench its thirst and love for ale. although... i must admit that it's actually been a while since i last traveled to blackrock depths to pick up a few dark iron ale mugs for my jub-jub. my poor frog has not had a treat in a while.

what i would change
a "drunk" animation would definitely be a nice addition whenever the jubling drinks a little too much. i can imagine it seeing stars, flipping over onto its back and falling fast asleep. hey, even heavy weights will feel the effects of alcohol if they drink enough :P
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