Monday, April 19, 2010

Pet of the Week - Brown Prairie Dog

the brown prairie dog is sold exclusively by a tauren in thunderbluff. i've always wanted a little prairie dog, but for a while it was out of my reach. i managed to obtain this pet pre-character creation change, when you could only create toons for either horde or alliance on any given server. this was one of the horde pets that i made a point to stop by and pick up while my horde account was still active.

why i love it
the prairie dog is cute in its simplicity, and i adore the way it grooms itself. it's so shy and timid looking, and i don't blame them. being such small creatures yet hanging around such large tauren and kodo. it must make for some nerve-wracking moments. ('earthquake! this is not a drill! everyone back to the burrow!') i can't help but be taken by these little critters whenever i zoom in and look into its tiny black eyes.

what i would change
a model upgrade would be splendid for this pet. atm, it seems pretty blocky and there are angles that just shouldn't exist on a prairie dog. an idle animation such as burrowing into the ground would also be a nice addition to this older companion. i can just imagine it digging down and then popping its head up to see if it's safe to come out again. ;)
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