Thursday, April 15, 2010

Action Figure Fun

color me psychic! ok well psychic's a little too much. maybe just good timing :P

i JUST updated my comment over at yesterday about hoping for an update on the Lil' XT, Celestial Dragon, and Frigid Frostling soon. and what do you know? ta-da! Lil' XT's available for purchase from the blizzard store today ($10 each). one out of three isn't too bad. :)

i've yet to see this non-combat pet do his infamous tantrum, but he does sleep and exercise as shown in mmo-champ's video. i also haven't tested any emotes on him yet, but i'll find some time to get around to it.

a huge thank you to the one and only who gifted this newest companion to me. less than three!

**edit 1107 am: apparently lil' xt doesn't play nice with the clockwork rocket bot and the blue clockwork rocket bot! when one comes close, lil' xt will cast and kill the other companions and then exclaim either "i think i broke it!" or "i guess it doesn't bend that way!" the warbot doesn't have any effect on lil' xt for some strange reason though.

**edit 1148 am: lil' xt will tantrum when a toy train set is placed near him. he's a bigger, more bad-ass version of the wind-up train wrecker (although lil' xt does it unintentionally :P)!

**edit 1226 pm: he ends up breaking the crashin' thrashin' racer and the blue crashin' thrashin' racer too. lil' xt just can't seem to play well with his toys.
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