Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pet of the Week - Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling

the lovely golden dragonhawk hatchling is sold exclusively by a horde vendor in eversong woods. before blizzard allowed players to create both horde and alliance characters on the same PVP realm, this as well as the majority of the other dragonhawk hatchlings were only available to alliance through the neutral auction house. i ended up creating a second account specifically for collecting all the horde-only pets. yes, one month of paid time just for more pets. XD

why i love it
i adore its gorgeous colors! all of the dragonhawk hatchlings have such stunning coloring and models. the fact that this little guy can fly alongside me while i'm flying is also a neat perk. it glides so gracefully in the air, and it makes me wish i were horde just so i could obtain the red dragonhawk mount, a reward for the mountain o' mounts (learn 100 mounts) achievement. i'm such a sucker for noncombat pets paired with their mount counterparts. :)

what i would change
i'd love to hear what a dragonhawk sounds like! an on-click vocal would be pretty interesting especially since i've yet to hear what type of sound they make (if any?). some sort of idle animation would also be nice, but i really can't think of a suitable animation to give to any of the dragonhawks. just what does one do when it's not doing anything at all? lol. overall, i guess i wouldn't change much about this pet yet.
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