Monday, March 15, 2010

Pet of the Week - Stinker

after my week hiatus this week's review will be about the 50 pet achievement reward: stinker. thankfully when this companion was implemented i had already obtained well over the required number of pets, but that didn't stop me from compulsively counting and checking again and again. i was determined that i would, without fail, get this unique pet!

why i love it
ahhh you strangely adorable skunk, why do i love you so? from a distance it seems like any other un-extraordinary critter, but upon closer inspection you'll note the finer details. it's beady, big black eyes, and it's tiny little black ears. for something that's normally known as a foul creature, it's incredibly cute. i enjoy this duality.

not to mention stinker's animation when paired with a black cat of some sorts. blizzard's inclusion of pop culture really makes me smile. i was never a huuuuuge fan of the pepe lepu cartoons (i always felt bad for the black cat who was constantly harassed by lepu :P), but i'm still amused that blizzard decided to pay a small ode to the character in the form of stinker. his mad dash after any black cat, the sudden heartbreak when he realizes his love is unrequited, and his never ending hope that maybe next time it'll work out... on it's own, these animations are endearing.

what i would change
well since i really don't know what a true skunk sounds like, i guess i can't say i'd add any on click vocals. the search for love and heartbreak animation when in the presence of a black cat is also enough animation for me to keep me interested. i don't think i'd change anything with stinker at this moment! is he worth 50 pets? i definitely think so.
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