Friday, March 26, 2010

Blizzcon 2010

i can't say that i'm overly excited about this year's blizzcon; my experience last year was a bit disappointing due to external factors (damn you heat and food poisoning!!). one thing that i am looking forward to, though, is the announcement of what will be this year's special goodie bag item!
2005 - attendees were gifted with murky the baby murloc non-combat pet.
2007 - attendees were gifted with the murloc costume.
2008 - attendees were gifted with a big blizzard bear mount.
2009 - attendees were gifted with grunty the murloc marine non-combat pet.
i'm eager to see if they release another mount or a pet... or something we haven't even thought of yet! there are still 3 MIA pets that were datamined but haven't popped up yet: Lil' XT, Celestial Dragon, and Frigid Frostling. perhaps one of these missing companions will end up being a blizzcon goodie bag item?

the trend so far seems to be murloc related though. the only slight deviation being the big blizzard bear mount, but even that item has a murloc on the actual mount waving a blizzcon flag.

i wouldn't be surprised or disappointed if blizzard came up with yet another murloc in-game companion. gotta love me some baby murloc. XD and i'd be overjoyed if they brought back the original murky for the 2010 goodie bag!

well, we'll see. hopefully they will announce the contents of the goodie bag prior to the ticket sales. and *knock on wood* here's hoping that i manage to snag tickets to 2010 blizzcon.
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