Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pet of the Week - Mulgore Hatchling

this week i'll be reviewing the mulgore hatchling. it comes from the argent tournament horde only vendors, but i was lucky enough to find a horde trading partner on my server who would log on now and then to discuss which alliance/horde pets we would exchange next. i managed to nab this bundle of pink fluff pretty quickly. if not for my fellow companion pet obsessed horde buddy, it would have taken much longer, so a huge thanks goes out to that horde for helping me out :)

why i love it
pink fluff! well besides it being ridiculously cotton-candy-ish looking, i love having a baby plainstrider. they're such unique creatures in game.

it's idle animations are pretty fun to watch. when it zooms across the screen at random, it makes people turn heads in raids. "what was that?! oh, just a non-combat pet" is the usual first response.

what i would change
at this point i wouldn't update this companion other than maybe giving it an on-click vocal. maybe a smaller, quieter version of its adult counterpart? the squawk would be a nice finishing touch. :)
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