Monday, March 1, 2010

Pet of the Week - Lifelike Toad

this week's pet review is about the lifelike toad. i had this pet crafted for me by a friend who was lucky enough to have the schematic. unfortunately, none of my engineering toons have been fortunate to have the plans drop for them. :(

why i love it
the on click vocalizations are endearing. it almost sounds as if the toad is purring lol. it amuses me to no end that it actually eats flies too! being mechanical, you'd think that it wouldn't actually need to eat :P

what i would change
i would give this pet a model upgrade. it's current look closely resembles the other frog/toad pets currently available, making it somewhat of a less than interesting pet. i'd prefer it if it looked unique like the mechanical chicken and mechanical squirrel. then again, if it looked more robotic it wouldn't fit its name for being "lifelike" heh. i guess i could settle for a color change then :P
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