Monday, March 1, 2010

They're Here!

WOW! i'm ecstatic! the babies arrived earlier than i had anticipated. they are absolutely adorable in game and irl. it's funny because i'm partial to the gryphon hatchling plushie, but in game i prefer the wind rider cub.

2 more pictures of the babies in flight below.

while grounded, either mounted or not mounted, they will run on the ground to keep up. but once i'm in flight form or on a flying mount, both lift off into the air too. for babies they sure are fast and well trained :)

the gryphon hatchling has the same idle animation as its adult counterpart while hovering in the air. it will periodically throw its head back and shake it a few times. i haven't checked the wind rider cub, but i'm guessing it has the same idle animations as the adult version too.

as for the plushies, i've decided to keep the hatchling and give away the cub to a close friend :) i know he'll take good care of it... or else he'll have to answer to me!
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