Monday, March 22, 2010

Notable Changes and New Pets w/ Patch

mmo-champ has stated that patch 3.3.3 will go live this week! this is my recap of pet collecting related changes and news to remind myself of what to expect :P
new pets
- blue clockwork rocket bot (source: vendor)
- lil' xt (source: unknown)
- celestial dragon (source: unknown)
- the engineering specific pets will no longer be bop
- seasonal bosses (such as ahune) will only be accessible through the daily dungeon finder, making obtaining boss only pets that much more difficult

i'm really excited for the new pets, even if the only one that will be readily available is basically just a recolored version of an existing model. a pet is still a pet :P

i have mixed feelings about the engineering pets not being bind on pick up anymore, as i'm sure many veteran companion collectors do. the requirement to have engineering in order to craft and obtain the pet bombling and lil' smoky was what made these pets unique and special. after the patch they will become normal, everyday, auction house-flooded pets. it's a little disheartening from the point of view of an older pet collector, but i'm happy for all those who never went through the motions of picking up engineering just for the pets. two new pets for them.

and last but not least: the changes to the seasonal bosses. i don't really see much point in this change other than to prevent people from farming bosses and "ninja'ing." this change couldn't have been the only way to resolve these two issues though. so far i'm very against it as it limits collectors of all things vanity (not just pets) from getting items off of seasonal bosses in an efficient and timely manner.

but we'll see how it plays out on the live servers. perhaps blizzard has recognized that this is indeed a flawed way of fixing things, and as a compromise they've upp'ed the drop rate of noncombat pets off of bosses such as ahune and the crown chemical co.
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